Soaps in Sweaters!

We're diversifying here at Knit2Felt and this is a new range to add to our homewares, Felted Soap.

There are tonnes of advantages for using these "Soaps in Sweaters"

Whilst not only can they be custom made in your choice of colours, look beautifully natural as these pretty pebble designs but there are also loads of practical benefits to using felted soap.

No need for separate wash cloths or pouffes.

The soap is wrapped in 100% natural wool fibre and felted to the surface enabling you to ditch the flannel and use the wonderfully soft wool to gently exfoliate your skin.

The felt enables your soap to dry out quicker.

This eliminates the gooey mess around your sink or bath tub and helps your soap to last longer.

No more slippy soap. The felt helps you to grip on tight, especially good for bath time!

You are able to create more soapy suds than usual simply by rubbing the felted bar as usual with warm water whilst the wooly jacket helps with longevity by ensuring you only use what you need.

Custom colours are available from rainbow to natural pebble colours to please children and adults alike.

Please see the felted soap page at where you will find out all the information you need or contact us if you have any special requirements or questions.

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