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A Little sneek Preview.

I've been asked many times if Knit2Felt could develop a range of items for the home so here it is..... well the beginnings of it anyway!

It all started with the baubles really, which are proving to be really popular for people who want to customise their christmas decorations and co-ordinate in the home. So following the design from the baubles, new ones emerged, which would be suitable for all year round, infused with lavender for a beautiful fragrance or simply as a handing decoration.

Knit2Felt Cushion cover and hanging decoration detail

The next steps have been to develop a range of other home inspired items, which can be made using the Knit2Felt techniques, starting with this lovely cushion cover.

As beautiful on the back as it is on the front. This cushion cover is knitted in sections using 100% British wool yarn. The heart decoration on the front is made by knitting a square of cream and felting it. Once felted it can be treated as a piece of felt and it will not fray when it is cut in to shape. This is then appliquéd on to the front using blanket stitch. To the rear the 2 rectangular pieces are joined using wooden toggles.

The pictures here are prototypes at the moment but it wont be long before these are available as a kit for you to make yourself

I am working on a blanket design and other decorative shapes to add to this homeware collection, along with more cushion covers in different colour shades and styles.

To be launched by 12th October 2017

If you havn't done so already subscribe to my mailing list to be informed as soon as this new exciting range is launched plus you will receive an email with your 10% discount code!

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