Going Dotty with Domino!

The new Domino Dalmatian kit is now available.

Using 100% wool yarn, this dotty doggy is made using the same nifty felting tricks, unique to Knit2Felt.

The pattern is really easy to follow, using basic stocking stitch and simple increase and decrease stitches, accessible for the beginner and the more experienced knitter alike.

When Ive been at shows and events where people have seen the real thing, a lot of people have assumed they wouldn't be able to make something that looks so detailed... I would like to dispel your fears!

Details are added using needle felting techniques, but because the shape is formed just like knitting a toy, its practically impossible to get this wrong. All the instructions that come with the kit are accompanied with diagrams and step by step guides to add all the features. Ive also made videos on Youtube to tutor any areas where I have felt a little more information might be required, such as detailing an eye or assembly of the shape.

The kit comes beautifully packaged (as with all the Knit2Felt kits) so makes an ideal gift for the dog lover or the crafter you may know.

Just add knitting needles! For this dog kit all you need is 4mm single point knitting needles and away you go with everything else you need carefully packaged in the box.

All through Summer 2017 there is a free gift with every kit purchased which is the Felted heart mini kit, ideal for anyone who wants to try out the technique.

In this little kit you get full instructions, yarn, ribbon and buttons to make a hanging heart decoration. This is a great way for children and beginners to get started on a totally addictive, new craft. Maybe add a badge pin to make a brooch or use as part of a design for a hand crafted card. Creativity has no boundaries.

There is free UK shipping on all knitting kits and discounted international shipping rates to most other international places.

In case you missed it here's a few other adorable kits available at Knit2Felt.

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