Designing Dogs is a Delight!

So my latest passion is DOGS... All kinds, shapes and sizes!

After completing these designs,Ive been looking for more to work on. Everywhere I go I'm looking at dogs and imagining how they can be made from yarn! from Pugs to poodles every dog to me now is a challenge.

From starting with my own dog, Nora, the Doggy design family has just kept on growing.

When my friend Tina asked me to design a Schnauzer, I thought to myself, "How on earth am I going to get the long hair right?". Well thankfully we have the amazing youtube and on there I found loads of videos showing how to create long hair for all sorts of animals using needle felting techniques. so with this new trick to try I just had to get on with it especially as she wanted to have the sample for her mums birthday! No pressure there then!

The Left hand photo is "Fred", he belongs to Tina's mum and so was used for the first design. The photo on the right is "Noddy", he belongs to Jennifer, who is just an amazing knitter and who proofs all my patterns.

Knowing that Jennifer was going to be scrutinising this Schnauzer design ensured that it had to be just right....or else!!!

Following this, now totally hooked on dogs the next design was a Jack Russell. I asked Julie across the road from me if she could send me some photo's of Sandy", which she did.

I changed the colours a bit when I made the Jack Russell but tried to keep a lot of the original features and shapes of colour spots etc.

Continuing on in quick succession came Henry and Jett, both designed on friends Dogs

Henry belongs to Leon and Beckie, and Jett Belongs to Sue and Alan.

Henry (American Bulldog)

Jett the Boxer.

Next on the list is a Pug dog that I'm working on now and then coming up is a Dalmatian, Collie and Border Terrier.

I hope you've liked looking at this post and seeing where the designs have come from. I know I've enjoyed creating them!

If you have any suggestions or would really like to see a certain dog designed, let me know.

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