Barking up the Right Tree!

Don't be put off, This really is easy to make!

Last week we launched a brand new range, which has been really well received. Thank you to everyones lovely comments and enquiries.

I would like to share some further information about the Schnauzer design, which has been named "Pepper"

Pepper is available in a light and a dark version.

After showing the progress of this design on social media I had an overwhelming response from hundreds of people who thought this was a real dog at first glance.

I want to share how easy this kit is to achieve as I think many people would be daunted by a design that looks so intricate.

Why its easier than it looks!

  • All the knitted parts are achieved, using 5mm needles and Drops Alaska Wool yarn. The stitches are all stocking stitch with simple increase and decrease (kfb and K2tog).

  • The felting process is easy and needs only hot water and washing up liquid.

  • There are videos to help each stage

  • The needle felted detailing is very easy using the equipment supplied in the kit.

  • Below I have attached the videos which show how each stage is done in handy bite size sections.

Video 1, Felting the knitted pieces and what to do for getting the best shape

Video 2, Assembling all the felted pieces to get the right pose, handy photo slideshow

Video 3, Adding the needle felted beard details, Long hair needle felting

Video 4, Adding detail to the chest and paws, medium length hair detail

Video 5, Using needle felt techniques to add eyes and eyebrows to the Knitted and Felted Schnauzer

I hope you find this useful, If there is anything else you need know please get in touch with me at

Thank you

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