Flip Out! over Flip Flop the Frog!

This is "Flip Flop". He's part of a new range that I'm working on and a bit of fun.

I decided to create a collection called the "Story Book" range, which are super easy to make and have more of a comical, caricature feel to them. This is the second one so far. Theres already a cat named Ginger and I am working on a dog and an owl.

"Ginger" the Cat

All of these additions to Knit2Felt will be the same size and form a uniformed collection that will just keep on growing.

I wanted to share with you how easy these will be to make and to give you an idea heres a slideshow video of the putting together:

As always I'm asking for your comments and ideas. If you have an idea about what else should be included in the story book range I would love to hear from you.

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