Getting it Purr-fect - The Result

The Finished Cat design

Well we got here!

Gary was such a gorgeous muse and this made sure that the pressure was on to be extra specially careful with the design.

As with all characters I design, much like writing a book there are drafts, re-drafts and improvements along the way and this was no exception.

Firstly the tail was too skinny, then the ears too long, the eyes too small, too big, the wrong colour but thats what its all about.

This is how the ears were at first. I could see that something was wrong but just couldn't work out where. It was only when I shared the pictures on Facebook that it soon became apparent that the ears were too long.

One comment suggested that she should be named Satan...... This would never do!

So the ears were shortened and I think she looks a lot more friendly now.

Call me a perfectionist but that single comment was really helpful in making a difference.

The eye colour was a challenge also as i didn't have the right shade of green so a little bit of improvisation and resourcefulness came in to play. By taking a small amount from two different balls of yarn, I shredded the fibres to create the right sort of green and this worked really well.

I have some amazing suppliers of dyed felting fibres so to get the right colours for the kits will be fine, however as impatient as I am I couldn't wait to get her finished so this was a perfect solution.

I'm busy making the final adjustments to the pattern and instructions now before it goes off for printing.

A tabby version will also be available which I can't wait to reveal.

Thank you to Denise, James, Emily and Henry for sending me lovely photo's to work from and funny stories to inspire me.

Huckleberry is now also available, using the same pattern with a few changes. I really enjoyed designing this Tabby cat with very easy to do stripes and features. I particularly like the way the eyes have turned out.

Below is a video showing how the detailing was applied.

If you have a much loved cat or dog, bunny or pet of any kind that you think would be a great starting point for a new Knit2Felt design, let me know in the comments box, send over a photo or two. I would love to hear from you.

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