Getting it Purr-fect - A Knitting Kit-ty in Progress!

Designing and creating anything new is always a joy but even more so when what you are working on is based on a real life character such as "Garihanna".

This is Garihanna. Originally named Gary as she was thought to be a boy when she was very little but as she grew up it became apparent that she was in fact Garihanna! (still called Gary for short).

Gary lives in the heart of the Peak District with her humans "Mum" Denise, "Dad", James, and "siblings", Henry and Emily. She also has a much older "brother" of the feline variety Herbert.

I chose her as my subject matter because not only is she enormously cute, but she also has a fantastic personality, funny, clever, sneaky and stubborn in equal measure.

Gary and Herbert - Gary loves Herbert to bits, She doesn't care that Herbert is now a grown up and doesn't always want to play, but will torment him until he eventually gives in.

She is an adventurous cat and will often follow Denise to work in the morning or into the local village like a little dog! She's lost a total of 16 collars which have never been found again such is her determination to not wear one!

Her favorite toy is a cardboard box where she just loves peeping, ready to pounce!

She loves running water and sleeping on Henry's or

Emily's bed and will actually say "Neoooooooo" if she's moved from her favourite spots!

So its very important to me to do this little kitty justice.

I had to think, should she be standing up or sitting down? Sleeping or awake?

Up to now I have drawn the sketches and decided on the pose. The body has been knitted along with the main head shape and the tail. Before I go any further though, Ill need to get some felting done so that I can check out the dimensions and needs for paws and facial features etc.

It won't take long now and the Knitted and Felted Gary will be coming to life. Watch this space for an update and the finished thing very soon.

I Hope Henry and Emily like it........The pressure is on!!!!

If you have any suggestions or comments on this project or any future projects, I would love to hear from you.

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