A House is not a Home without a Guinea Pig.

Since being children, we have always had guinea pigs as pets, their high pitched squeaks when you chopped up the salad for tea or when they smelt the dandelions freshly picked for them from the back lane is a familiar and nostalgic memory. Even though I don't have guinea pigs now, (My dog Nora would terrorise the poor things) my sister and brother in law have one called Bruce and my brother and sister in law have one called Dora.

This is Dora, Named by my niece Chloe who has been the biggest fan of Dora the Explorer for a while now. Chloe and her big sister Ellie love dora to bits. I would love to create a guinea pig with long hair but am still mulling over how to do it at the moment!

Poor Bruce has got a wonky neck but this doesn't stop him from having a lovely time scampering around in his run in the garden where he lives in Nottingham. Loved to bits by my Niece and Nephew Maisie and Eddie, Bruce loves cuddles and celery leaves more than anything in the whole world.

Bracken is based on a guinea pig I had as a child called Poppy, she was Grey and white and short haired. She loved keeping the grass short in the garden in the summer months and was also happy nestled in her straw in the indoor hutch through winter. Her silky smooth coat was lovely to stroke as she sat on my knee and I remember how much she became excited about spring greens.

Working out he unique guinea pig face shape was a challenge but with careful planning, trial and error and experiments it all came together in the end.

Bracken is knitted using 4 double pointed pins in the round for a seamless body and face.

Needle felted details complete the look of Bracken with her cute little eyes, nose and ears.

Bracken Likes:

  • Scampering around the garden

  • Squeaking

  • Spring Greens

  • Gentle strokes

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